Man is the soul of all things. Similarly, whether the enterprise can have long-term vitality, the key lies in the health of the enterprise body. JINXIN people believe that the enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise, which is the fundamental driving force for building enterprise's core competitiveness and maintaining the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.

JINXIN spirit
There is no permanent feature, only constant innovation.

Corporate policy
Integrity, quality first, continuous improvement, user satisfaction.

The connotation of quality policy
A) integrity: the company aims at integrity and wins customers and markets with integrity.
B) quality first: quality is the guarantee of good faith and brand is the sign of good faith. To constantly improve the quality of full consciousness, all staff based on quality, honesty lean, strict law enforcement, according to the standard design, manufacture, inspection and test, keep promise, the contract, to provide customers with quality products.
C) to make the user to produce satisfactory products, set up the idea of "company dependent customers", everything with customers as the focus, timely and accurate understanding of customer requirements, with the most considerate service to meet customer needs and expectations.

Security concept system

Safety philosophy: life is supreme, safety is supreme

Safety production itself is the maintenance of human life rights and interests, human life is the first precious, "life first" is the basic principle of safe culture. The enterprise production should set up the safety and supreme thought, the security for the first purpose, play the initiative and creativity of the safety production subject, realize the enterprise's essential security.

1. Security concept
Constantly improving our safety and health environment.
Safety relates to the life of employees, and safety is the credibility of the enterprise.
The safety and health of employees as a focal point of work to strengthen the basis of safety management work, highly responsible for work safety, no matter how important or urgent work is not ignore safety precautions.
Stick to education first to prevent the first, do the safety management work, protect the employee's security and the reputation of the enterprise.
Earnestly implement the safety management regulations, improve the safety management system, to carry out the safety level is responsible for the system, carry out safety inspection, the key project, key process and key positions as the focus of the work safety, put an end to inertial accidents.

2. Security objectives
The safety goal is the general and understanding of the future security development of the enterprise. It is the blueprint for the enterprise's safe production and the development direction of enterprise security management.

(1) overall security objectives
By conducting safety culture construction, the transformation of enterprise safety management, can make employees want to safety and security, security, building intrinsically safe employees, make intrinsically safe enterprise, make the enterprise become dominated by production safety environment protection, construction and the coordinated development of staff enterprises valve.

(2) specific targets for security
1. Set up an idea to guide the system and make employees want to be safe. Includes: the essay has a clear security requirement, and there is an intrinsic demand motivation to work hard to secure a secure guarantee. The essay has good security concept and a clear vision of security goals. It has a strong belief in philosophy, which is firmly embedded in the mind, and dominates all of its speech and behavior, becoming the motto of work and life, and always wants to be safe.
2. Establish a behavioral system to make employees safe. Including: mastering sufficient safety knowledge, can correctly understand and grasp the basic law of safety. The master should master the safety skills and be able to deal with the various security situations involved. (3) a healthy mental models of safety, from the way of thinking and thinking habit, can dialectically analysis and deal with the relationship between the safety and other situations, can well self psychological adjustment, stable security thinking inertia. It is safe to do everything in a safe way.
3. Establish safe environment system so that employees can be safe. Including: the article has a real security guarantee in the enterprise rules and regulations and specific measures. The paper has increased investment in safety technology and research and development, and there are reliable security guarantees on technical conditions. There is sufficient safety guarantee for the material input. The team environment has good safety guarantee. All conditions outside the main body should always be in the optimal state, to be safe everywhere.

(3) safety indicators
The injury rate of minor injuries is not higher than 1 a year, the injury rate of serious injury is zero, and the safety production accident of greater and above is zero. Security organization guarantee rate is 100%; The safety responsibility is up to 100%; The security input guarantee rate is 100%; Education qualified training rate of 100%; The general hidden danger is 100%; Security interest rate is 100%; The emergency guarantee rate is 100%.

4. Safety practice creed

(1) safety production policy: people-oriented, harmonious development
Company safety production to follow the "people-oriented, harmonious development", strive to make the production and business operation activities in conformity with the relevant laws of the safety in production and technical specification requirements, continuously improve the level of production safety management, work safety management standardization, standardization, to ensure staff safety and health of body and mind, promote the healthy development of the production safety of enterprise management.

(2) safe production belief: safety production accidents can be prevented and avoided
All accidents can be prevented and avoided. Any safety hazard can be controlled and eliminated, and there is no "inevitable" accident. Safety in production work just like anything else, is there are rules to follow, as long as good at discovering rules, grasp the law, constantly adopt advanced scientific management, constantly improve production safety management, efforts to improve the staff's safety consciousness and comprehensive quality, and can avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

(3) responsibility for security value: a sense of responsibility
Safety is the foundation of enterprise survival and the biggest benefit of enterprises. Enterprise to the society, to the staff, staff to society, to the enterprise, has the sense of responsibility to colleagues and work, as heavy as taishan, and help each other, unite as one, should, through all staff work together to realize safe production.

(4) safety management credo: people oriented, life first, care for employees
Safety production must insist on putting personal safety in a prominent position. In order to be more considerate of employees, the party, the government and the work are in common control, creating a safe and harmonious working environment and security guarantee. Safety management committee is the core of safety management, occupational health and safety management system standard is the basic safety standardization construction, level 3 safety management system is an effective way to realize the goal of safe production.

(5) safety and moral principles: to protect others is to protect ourselves.
The violation of the rules and the discovery of illegal or non-effective measures are equal to murder or murder; Illegal operation or illegal operation is equal to suicide; The senseless destruction of life and health is a moral evil; There is a moral obligation to not take the necessary precautions against preventable accidents. In the process of production attain "four", just don't hurt yourself, don't hurt others, don't hurt by others, don't let others hurt, this is to ensure that the premise and foundation of themselves, others health and safety.

(6) safety development creed: life is limited, safety is infinite.
Safe production is the need of enterprise development, it is the need of social development, and it is the need of people to pursue a new life. Person's life is limited, but there is no limit to the number of people's life in the pursuit of health and safety, therefore, we have the obligation and responsibility to create a safe environment, make employee life better, healthier, more harmonious enterprise.