The company is the only valve member of the national fermenter system design, a hi-tech enterprise accredited by Zhejiang Government, the first vice president unit of Wenzhou Pump & Valve Industry Association and a key municipal-level star enterprise in Wenzhou. The company is specialized in producing new zero leakage antibiotic stop valve and other various valves for biochemical industry. It boasts powerful technological strengths, advanced production processing and a complete list of testing equipment. In 2001 is passed the accreditation of ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management System. For a long period the company has always adhered to the corporate spirit "No Permanent Uniqueness but Constant Innovation" and upheld the operational purpose "Being Based on Talent, Pioneering with Sincerity & Win by Excellence" to open up markets.

With the rapid development of China is pharmacy, bioengineering and chemical engineering, our company has absorbed strong points from professional manufacturers both at home and abroad to elaboratedly design and produce the new zero leakage soft-sealing open-end antibiotic stop valve in accordance with GMP standard to solve the problems existing in the biomedical production like serious microbiological contamination and leakage. In June 2002 it passed the technological appraisal for provincial-level new products and was entitled "a killer for running out, bubbling, dripping and leakage & a helper for beating the microbiological contamination" by the experts. Its three-way stop antibiotic valve developed in 2003 was granted the state design patent (Pantent No.:ZL03346586X#) which has filled in a domestic blank in this area.

In addition, we design and provide series of products for users such as supportive antibiotic stop valve, high-temperature-resistance ball valve, diaphragm valve, needle sampling valve, pneumatic ball valve, discharge valve, discharge valve, feeding system valve, three-in-one multi-functional fireproof valve(stop, throttling and check), hard-sealing butterfly valve and fluoring lining acid-proof and alkali-proof valve.

Jinxin members are pouring all efforts into building up a brand-new combined fleet of new-type biomedical and chemical engineering equipment to develop towards the collectivization, scale production and internationalized market. The company adheres to the purpose of excellent product quality, favorable price, fine after-sale service and building itself on the sincerity, making more contributions to the development of bioengineering, pharmacy, petroleum and chemical engineering.