Wenzhou overseas Chinese leadership to come to our company for investigation and research

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The morning of May 27th, outside the city of Wenzhou overseas Chinese Affairs Office Party member Chen Jin researcher to visit our company to understand the situation of the enterprise, accompanied by had to come to the general office, Wenzhou Municipal United Front Work Department, Longwan Waterfront Street and other leaders, comrade Tu Zhijin personally met with the chairman of the company.

Accompanied by general manager, the leaders visited the product exhibition hall of the enterprise, affirmed and praised the new products of the enterprise, and visited the workshop production site to watch the whole process of the product processing. Finally, in the conference room on the third floor, I heard the general manager's report, and carefully understand the status of enterprises and the industry as a whole.

Chen Jin and other leaders of the arrival of our enterprise staff is a great encouragement, we will not bear the leaders' expectations, the enterprises bigger and stronger, Wenzhou overseas Chinese enterprises honor!