Zhejiang Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and Wenzhou Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese leaders visited our company in person

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May 31, 2016 Zhejiang Province Federation party secretary Comrade Cen Guorong, Party Secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Federation chairman Comrade Xu Yiwei, comrade Wang Lifeng, Party Committee United Front Work Department Minister Comrade Jia Lichun a line to visit our company. Received a warm welcome from all the staff.

Cen Guorong secretary, Secretary Xu Yiwei and other people get off, first came to the company's product exhibition hall, to watch the company's products. After the chairman of the company Comrade Tu Zhijin, chief engineer Comrade Ye Ying accompanied by visited the metalworking workshop, see the staff fiery production energy and management orderly production site, leaders are full of praise.

Finally, the Secretary Cen Guorong et al in the company meeting room number, the communication with employees. Comrade Tu Zhijin, chairman of the company, made a report to the leaders on behalf of the employees on the overall situation and development process of the enterprise. Secretary Cen Guorong painted the chairman's speech content and visit to see the quality of our enterprises, scientific and technological innovation, social responsibility and other aspects of outstanding work to be affirmed and encouraged!