District leaders condolences to visit scientific and technological workers

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March 31 morning in the sky under the light rain, the district committee standing in charge of science and technology deputy mayor Tian Menghai comrades in the district association vice president Fan Zhensan and other comrades accompanied to my company, the senior engineering and technical personnel Condolences to visit.

In addition to the company's chief executive and the chief engineer, the head of the company visited the product showroom, and was very interested in the newly developed "sampling valve", and exchanged with the chief engineer; and then came to the workshop to understand the whole process of the product ; Finally in the second floor of the small conference room, and the company's senior technical staff held a discussion.

Company leaders, chief engineers and related senior personnel on the district leaders of the sympathy was very moved, they said: "District leaders in the busy work out of time, made a special trip to our technical staff, shows the district leaders of our scientific and technological personnel attention And respect, we must live up to the expectations of the leadership of the district, do their own work, a lot of development of new products for enterprise innovation and development, for the Longwan science and technology to contribute their full strength.