Longwan District propaganda minister Wang Renjie and others visited our company to help solve the actual difficulties

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July 9, 2013 Longwan District Party Committee Propaganda Minister Wang Renjie, Vice Minister Zhang Yanwen and deputy director of the street street Chen Chunmei and other comrades, wore the hot sun, the next business visit, came to my company, by the company CEOs Tu Zhijin comrades and all staff Warmly welcome.

Leaders under the guidance of the general manager, visited the exhibition hall, to understand the enterprise product status, and then in-depth workshop, watched the whole process of product processing, and finally came to the second floor of the small conference room, patiently listened to the general manager of the work report , In good faith to the enterprise to understand the existing difficulties and the need for government to help solve the problem. Company executives were moved by the real leaders of the district, there is no reservation will be faced with the land of enterprises to the leadership and extricate. Minister Wang Renjie on the spot to the relevant departments to call, on-site office to solve the problem.

District leaders led the vigorous work style, for enterprises to solve the problem of decisive behavior, so that employees are moved, deeply felt the warmth of the parents.