Longwan District Quality Supervision Bureau and other people came to my company to visit

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The director and deputy director of Longwan District Quality Supervision Bureau of Comrade Ceng Huanquan, comrade Chen Gui LED inspection institute, comrade Yang Xuanlin, deputy director of the seaside street Chen Chunmei and others to come to our company to visit, warmly welcomed by the general manager and the general staff of Comrade Tu Zhijin.

They are accompanied by the general manager, chief engineer, first watched the company product exhibition hall, and then in-depth workshops, understanding of the product production process, and finally to the two floor conference room, and staff discussion.

At the meeting, the Secretary first explained that the visit is mainly to understand the enterprises in the production and operation activities, what needs to help solve the difficulties. Tu Zhijin, general manager, reported on the problems of the director in recent years and indicated that the existing problems had already been settled by the cppcc. Comrade Chen Gui, deputy director of the CPC and deputy director of the coastal street, comrade Chen Chunmei, also made a speech at the meeting. He made a very high evaluation on the road of science and technology, focusing on talents and paying attention to the system construction.