Longwan District United Front Department minister to visit the company

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Early spring in Wenzhou with a cool, Wenzhou Longwan district Party committee, United Front Work Department Minister Chi Xiaorong, director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Ren Tao Choi et al., with the district government of overseas Chinese enterprise deep feelings of love, came to Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co. ltd.. As soon as the leaders got off the bus, they were warmly welcomed by the company manager, comrade Tu Zhijin and all the staff.

The leaders first visited the production plant, product exhibition hall, and then came to the two floor of the small conference room, listened to the work report to general manager of Comrade Tu Zhijin, the contents of the report is short, but everywhere shows, nearly two years of enterprise made in science and technology innovation achievement and harvest. The leaders of enterprises in less and less people and overcome the difficulties, the use of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, is very satisfied to create value, and encourage enterprises to go along the road of scientific and technological innovation, have timely contact with the United Front Work Department of what problems and difficulties can help solve the try to help solve.

The leaders of a warm, all the staff of the heart, also encouraged, enterprises will unite, work hard, make greater achievements, to make a greater contribution to the Wenzhou Longwan valve industry!