Vice Minister of Longwan People's District Congress and vice minister of United Front Work visited our company

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In July the Wenzhou sunshine blazing, The sun is shining fiercely., Longwan District People's Congress deputy director Lin Chunxia, Deputy Minister of the United Front department Comrade Tao Caixia, with overseas enterprises and non-public enterprises came to our profound sentiments of friendship. One off despite the heat the heat to the company's new product exhibition hall to watch; at the workshop to the workers condolences; finally came to the small conference room, sat down to the company CEOs understand overseas enterprises and the development of non-public enterprises, facing the difficulties and the opinions and suggestions to the National People's Congress and the United Front departments to reflect and coordinate to the government.

Company executives and staff of the NPC and the United Front Department Leaders of this trip was very touched, and said that they will not live up to the leadership's hope, with our actions to repay the leadership's love!