Zhang Liangfei, vice chairman of the CPPCC Regional Committee, visited our company

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In order to respond to the city and district government "into the enterprises of home visits for a comprehensive understanding of the status and influence of the development of our region, industrial control, highlighting the problems hindering the development of enterprises, the vice chairman of the April 11, 2012 Longwan District CPPCC Zhang Liangfei, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Tao Caixia led the CPPCC members of Taiwan Overseas Chinese to come to my company visit. Leaders and members of the company first visited the company's product showroom and production and processing workshop, and then came to the third floor of the conference room, and the general manager of the company and other leaders conducted a cordial discussion.

In the discussion, the general manager of the company reported to the leaders and members of the company on the recent development and the difficulties and problems existing in the operation. Leaders and members of the committee are very concerned about this,. Enterprises in less personnel, local small circumstances, to play the advantages of scientific and technological products, to create an annual output of about 10000000 yuan per mu sales performance, expressed surprise. The enterprises put forward the land use problems, recruitment difficulties and other serious records, and said that after returning to the relevant departments to reflect, as soon as possible for enterprises to solve these practical difficulties.

Leaders and members of the CPPCC National Committee visited the enterprises to visit, and the employees saw it in their eyes. They were warm in their hearts and greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of production and management. Businesses will return to society with better results.