Longwan District executive vice mayor Cui Lijin and other people came to my company to inspect and guide the work of science and technology

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In March 15th, Cui Lijin, deputy head of the Longwan District, comrade Zhao Chunzhai, the new secretary of the science and Technology Bureau, the office director, Comrade Chen Ching, the Secretary General of the Hi Tech Association, comrade ran came to visit our company to guide the work of science and technology. Tu Zhijin, general manager of the company, chief engineer Ye Ying and others warmly received the reception, and organized related personnel for the discussion.

During the symposium, comrade Tu Zhijin, the general manager, made a detailed report on the current scientific and technological work of our company and made a detailed report on the problems and the actual difficulties in the work. Vice mayor Cui Lijin and others gave full affirmation and high evaluation to our company's scientific and technological work, and made earnest notes and answers to the questions we raised. At the same time hope that the company's scientific and technological work to maintain a steady development trend, pay attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and strive for the realization of enterprise goals, Longwan valve business to make greater contributions. Deputy head Cui Lijin and others in the general manager of Tu Jin visited the processing workshop, my company produced about 10000000 yuan per mu benefit greatly appreciated.