Xu Lvzhong, deputy director of the Zhejiang provincial environmental protection department, came to visit our company

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After the Spring Festival, the production and management of enterprises have resumed their busy days. This year, employees of enterprises are more mobile, and there are many factors of instability. At this time, Zhejiang Province, the village to go into the enterprise "double service group" Comrades with the concern of the party and the government to private enterprises came to our company, had a cordial conversation with business leaders and employees, understand the business situation and the existing difficulties in the actual operation, enterprises will reflect the situation a careful record.

In the investigation of Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director of Zhejiang province Comrade Xu Lvzhong; Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission deputy director Comrade Zhong Qipei; deputy director of economic and Trade Bureau of Longwan District Industrial Office chief Comrade Xia Chonghao, comrade Zhang Tao; deputy director of the seaside street, security brigade Comrade Ceng Songguo Comrade Wang Chengchun; these leaders come up employee spirit. The staff with great inspiration and encouragement.