Longwan district Party committee, the District Association for science and technology, Waterfront Street and other leaders to my company condolences to scientific and technological workers

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In February 14th 012, with the Spring Festival festivity, deputy secretary of the Longwan district Party committee Comrade Liu Feng, comrade Li Shouchun led the District Association President and vice president fan Zhensang comrade, director of the office of Comrade Chen Chunmei, the beach director Fan Zhaoyang, deputy director of the Ceng Songguo street and a line of 8 people to our company to visit the science and technology workers, take care of the party and the government science and technology workers heart.

Liu Secretary of science and technology workers had a cordial conversation, listened carefully to the status quo of enterprise science and technology work, detailed understanding of science and technology workers living and working conditions, and conveyed to the district government concern for the scientific and technical personnel. Condolences to the scientific and technological workers deeply touched, expressed gratitude, the party and government care and love, must take root in Longwan, work hard to strive for the development of enterprises, the revitalization of the cause of science and technology in Longwan to make further contributions.