The Inland Revenue Department director goes deep into enterprise investigation and research

* : * : admin * : 2011-10-29 * : 35

A few days ago, at the Wenzhou financial crisis, bring many unstable factors to the small and medium-sized enterprises, although many enterprises did not participate, but also people panic. Longwan District Local Taxation Bureau Director Zhu Linguang led branch director Zhang Liyin et al in order to stabilize the situation, serve the enterprise, come to my company research, in a meeting with the general manager, chief engineer, et al, understand the current business situation, difficulties. Tu Zhijin, general manager, reported on our company's production and operation, scientific and technological innovation and operation of funds. The Secretary for Zhu Linguang was satisfied with it. In addition, Tu general manager of the current valve enterprises generally exist financing difficulties, recruitment difficulties and other issues were analyzed, and put forward some of their views, Zhu Linguang, director and others were recorded. The forum is full of warmth and harmony, reflecting the spirit of the national civil service as the spirit of the enterprise, and encouraging the morale of the enterprise and encouraging the development of the enterprise.