National, municipal and District technical leaders come to our company for guidance

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Longwan science and technology discount loan start instrument in August 11th this year in The Marina Hotel. My company's new product "stop sealing plunger type anti-theft sampling valve", the expert review for the Longwan District Science and technology new product project, general manager Comrade Tu Zhijin attended the launching ceremony. After the meeting, Jiang Wangxiu, director of the national Ministry of science and technology; Ministry of science and technology, China science and Technology Development Strategy Research Institute Dr. Wei Shijie; deputy director of the Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of Wenzhou city Lianting Kuang; integrated science and Technology Bureau Director Zheng Zhengyu; Longwan District Science and Technology Bureau deputy director general Chen of filial piety for taking the time to visit our company. This is a great encouragement to our enterprise and all scientific and technological workers. The scientific and technological work of enterprises, under the care of leaders at all levels and with the joint efforts of all the scientific and technological workers, will win new victories one after another!