The United Front Work Department of Longwan District came to our company for on-the-spot investigation

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Wenzhou Jin Xin Valve Co., Ltd. biochemical Qiaoshu enterprises, over the years has been concerned by the party and the government. In March this year, Longwan district Party Committee United Front Work Department Minister Comrade Huang Yangxu; Vice Minister of the Federation chairman Comrade Chen Lirong; deputy director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Comrade Yao Haiyun and a line of 7 people to come to our company for investigation. In the survey, I watched the product exhibition hall, visited the workshop and the office building. Finally, I talked with the enterprise manager and the related personnel on the third floor conference room and made a talk about the development of the overseas Chinese Federation enterprise.

The leadership of the United Front Work Department of the research area, brought the district government to care of the overseas Chinese enterprises. Inspire all staff!