Our company has been commended by the municipal government

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Recently, the Wenzhou Municipal People's government issued a document (Wenzhou Municipal People's Government on the recognition of the 2009 annual amount of city brand made outstanding contribution unit [[2010]44] informed Wen made outstanding contributions to our company) for establishing the city, in the city of quality brand.

In 2009, our company carried out the strategy of "quality setting up city, brand setting up city", and made great efforts to improve the quality and reputation of our products, and to enhance the market competitiveness of our products. According to the "Wenzhou Municipal People's Government on deepening the brand development strategy to accelerate the creation of regional brands and" opinions "in Wenzhou city of quality and brand incentive fund management approach", the relevant provisions of the municipal government, of our company is responsible for the drafting of national standards shall be rewarded.