Send calligraphy to enterprise activities, the municipal Party committee, district leaders attention

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In January 23rd, sunshine and warmth deep, large conference room, filled with thick ink. The company should be invited in the municipal CPPCC members, City Sports Science Commission Director Wei Yuanxi, chairman of the Federation under the leadership of He Yuanlong, artists from City Calligraphy Research Association, city Calligraphers Association jointly organized the "enterprise" sent here to carry out calligraphy activities, warmly welcomed by the company.

The same day, the city's famous calligraphy and painting have go zones, huihaopomo. Employees will be crowded around the desk, to write the works of Calligraphers amazed. Entrepreneurs who heard the also lined up, waiting for these send a calligrapher calligraphy for myself". Can receive a free hand written word calligrapher, entrepreneur joy shows between the lines. On the day of the event, calligraphers sent hundreds of calligraphic works. Three painter with full enthusiasm huihaopomo, spent the afternoon together to create a beautiful painting donated to the company, for the construction of enterprise culture to add luster, add to the arrival of the Lunar New Year festive.

Wenzhou municipal Party committee and the Party leadership is very concerned about the "send calligraphy enterprise" activities, municipal committee, military commissar Guo Dengming, Longwan District standing committee, deputy mayor Wang Zhongli, Secretary of Party committee and Longwan District Public Security Bureau Li Wei, vice mayor Zhang Guangyu at the scene of the demonstration, and for the enterprise to carry on the inspection, the development of enterprises send in the hope.