The company participated in the 2014 Workshop on industrial bioprocess optimization and control

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The meeting by the East China University of Science and Technology Professor, Specialized Committee chairman Zhuang Yingping, a professor at the Jiangnan University and Specialized Committee; vice chairman; Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, vice chairman of Yuan Jingqi, presided over the Specialized Committee. It is divided into three special reports, namely, the opening ceremony of the conference and the invited reports; the academic special report and the special report of the enterprise.

In the special session on the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China microbial institute director Professor Deng Zixin made a presentation entitled "R & D" synthetic biology driven high-end biotechnology products special report; Chinese Academy of Sciences, human genome research center executive director Professor Zhao Guoping made a speech entitled "special report" to the synthesis of bio manufacturing from microbial fermentation; we old friend, Professor of East China University of Science and Technology, national Biochemical Engineering Technology Research Center (Shanghai) director made a presentation entitled "special report of fermentation engineering and synthetic biology"......

In the enterprise special meeting of Jiangnan University Professor Comrade Zhan Xiaobei made a speech entitled "high viscosity bioreactor" key technology and its application in microbial polysaccharide fermentation in the industrialization of the report; East China University of Science and Technology professor Zhao Liming made a speech entitled "technology in the industrial application of organic acid and amino acid extraction separation" model; Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co. Ltd. professor senior engineer, chief engineer Comrade Ye Ying made a speech entitled "selection and application of sampling valves and special valves biochemical". Ye Ying, chief engineer of the speech by the presence of all the guests praise, after the enterprise to bring the data being looted, some business leaders with Wang Zhongliang, deputy chief engineer Ye Ying on the use of the valve fermentation special matters, and meet to visit the company to sign the contract.

"Optimization and control of biological processes in 2014 industry seminar", embodies the infiltration of three disciplines of biotechnology, chemical engineering and control engineering and integration, promote the development of bio fermentation from experience operation to quantitative and modeling, also set up a communication platform for the enterprise, look forward to the seminar held again!