The new industrial products developed by our company have passed the expert appraisal

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In December 24, 2016, Zhejiang industrial new product appraisal meeting was held in Olympic Hotel, and our company's two new products "third generation antibiotic stop valve" and "anti-theft sampling valve" participated in the appraisal.

Comrade Ye Ying, the chief engineer of the company, explained the product structure and innovation points through the PPT to five experts here, and demonstrated it through the prototype. The experts gave a high opinion of the two products. Agreed that "the third generation antibiotic stop valve stem and the valve cover seal of the double" 0 "shaped seal, seal ring switch easy, reliable sealing; valve stem and the valve connected to the external cover, no internal connections, to prevent bacteria pollution. "Sampling valves" in the structure design is novel and unique, the two valve is integrated, reducing the fermentation liquid in the valve chamber of the remaining space, effectively avoid bacteria pollution; in the valve open structure is provided with special anti-theft handle, to prevent the theft of bacteria. Two products in the domestic similar products are in a leading position.