Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., Ltd. brilliant

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Thirty years of ups and downs, thirty years of entrepreneurial hardships, thirty years cast a strong will of the people of Jin Xin, thirty years of achievement Jin Xin Jin Xin incomparable brilliant brilliant, thirty years witnessed the development and expansion of the people.

Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., Ltd is located in Wenzhou beautiful Luoshan, here is the earliest development of reform and opening up the place, but also the high cost of land, the company small size is in its "business integrity, innovation" business philosophy, to create the value of ten million yuan per year. The development of a national high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang province; SMEs; technological innovation enterprises in Wenzhou city; Wenzhou city enterprise technology research and development center; Wenzhou patent demonstration enterprise; Wenzhou City, the first thousand star enterprise; Wenzhou City Shou contract re credit AA enterprise; Wenzhou famous trademarks; antibiotics valve has been awarded as Wenzhou famous product. Achieved ISO9001 international quality system certification, national TS special equipment production license certification. Development of new products, won the national invention patents, utility models 25 patents.

"Good faith business, scientific and technological innovation" enterprise is easy to say, difficult to do, the company's development has gone through hardships and ups and downs. From the beginning of 1982 start date, enterprises rely on the integrity, relying on first-class quality, first-class products, first-class service, a step by step carefully came, in the eyes of outsiders is lukewarm development, the essence of product under rock strength. When the financial turmoil and "foot tide" spread, Wenzhou Jin Xin Valve Co., Ltd. sales target is not down, rise. "Scientific and technological innovation enterprise" is not so simple, but it depends on the strength. Many domestic enterprises valve products stay in simple imitation and "copy", because the product quality is not high, low entry threshold. Exacerbated by disorderly competition and excessive competition among the industry, some quality enterprises are faced with the risk of exiting and closing down, which has disastrous consequences for the whole industry. In order to enable enterprises to survive very well, "Jin Xin people" on the one hand, the spirit of "good faith business" principle, the interests of customers first, customers want to think, anxious customers urgent. As long as the valve problems raised by customers, are trying to solve, on the other hand, to help them solve their difficulties in the process of discovery, innovation, produce marketable products, promote the development of enterprises.

Jin Xin according to the needs of the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises and provide information, take the lead in the production of pharmaceutical enterprises in accordance with GMP requirements of the "new soft seal zero leakage hole type antibiotic stop valve, the valve design, the whole process flow of the inflection point is not dead, safety and health delivery medium, easy to clean, so it is not easy to contaminate, and replace the imported diaphragm valve is expensive, save money for the enterprise application, reduce manufacturing cost, by pharmaceutical companies welcome, experts were called" Paomaodilou nemesis, uniform infected helper". The production of this valve provides a reliable guarantee for the aseptic production of antibiotics in china. Then the antibiotic stop valve and many have become fashionable for a time, home production, Jin Xin in order to get rid of the disorderly competition, not to be eliminated, with technical strength, to work hard, make antibiotics valve constantly upgrading, the two way valve to three way valve, the hole into the hole, forming a series by the band small with little differentiation to recognition, products has always been in the leading position of the industry. And the development of new products in line with market demand.

Jin Xin for pharmaceutical companies tailor developed "three way check and centrifugal pump hemisphere combination valve" and "stop, check embolism sampling valves, in the structural design of the valve, the practicability and a new breakthrough, to fill the gaps at home and abroad. The "stop - and - stop" type anti - theft sampling valve skillfully combines the stop valve and the check valve into an organic whole. One valve, three valves are used. The valve structure of the valve group, which is sampled by three antibiotic cut-off valves, has been changed. It is widely used in the operation of sampling and inoculation of antibiotics and biological fermentation tanks and test tanks. The bacteria and the tank which are brought by the unreasonable design of the valve are avoided in the sampling process. The valve is provided with an anti-theft device, and the utility model effectively prevents the stealing of valuable bacteria. The three way centrifugal pump with check and hemisphere combination valve has unique structure and novel conception. It is composed of a lift check valve and a half ball valve. One valve is used instead of the three valve. Each can save raw material 2/3; the operation is simple and convenient; no matter whether the valve is in any position, the valve can be renewed without first adjusting the valve. Adjust the flow rate is simple, can achieve the ideal shunt, partial pressure effect, the centrifugal pump has played an absolute protective role. At present, these two valves have formed a series of products, is a unique new product at home and abroad, but also the pride of Jin Xin!

As the saying goes: "Kung Fu" Jin Xin with their honest attitude, scientific concept, down-to-earth step by step forward, to create a brilliant, although difficult, but see the rainbow after the rain, enjoy the joy of success!