Valve history of ancient Egyptians

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The valve is produced with the flow of the pipe. Human valves have been used for nearly 4000 years. China ancient salt brine from salt absorption at once in a bamboo pipe used in cork valve. In the 1800 BC, the ancient Egyptians used similar wooden cocks to control the distribution of water while large-scale water conservancy was built to prevent the Nile from overflowing. These are the embryonic form of the valve. The extensive use of industrial valves began only after Watt invented the steam engine. At the beginning of twentieth Century appeared in iron and steel casting, forging steel, stainless steel, chrome molybdenum steel, brass and other materials in the valve. Applied to various industries, various working conditions. China's earliest introduction of foreign valve production technology company is not much, after the introduction of foreign production technology, making the domestic valve production technology breakthrough, quality improvement, longer life.

According to the "bottleneck" that the competition Chinese valve industry in 2013: with the valve industry to accelerate the pace of restructuring, the future of the industry will be between the valve product quality and product safety and brand competition, products to high-tech, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction, only through continuous technological innovation, development of new products. To carry out technological transformation, in order to gradually increase the level of product technology, to meet the domestic equipment and supporting facilities, the full realization of localization of the valve. China's valve manufacturing industry in a huge demand environment, will be showing a better prospects for development.

At present, China's valve market turnover of up to 50 billion yuan, which fully demonstrates the size and momentum of China's valve industry. However, in the context of an excellent industrial situation, there are some problems worthy of our concern, especially in China's valve enterprises mainly in low-level, small-scale, family workshops based enterprises. This is the future development of China's valve industry is a big limit and bottleneck.

At present, the domestic production of steel backbone enterprises have been able to ISO international standards, DIN German standards, AWWA American standards and other international standards design and manufacture of various valves, some manufacturers of products reached the international advanced level. Although the overall level of the new year's valve industry has improved greatly, but the quality is not stable enough, such as running, taking, dripping, leakage phenomenon often occurs in domestic valves.

In addition, China's supporting capacity of the valve is also compared with developed countries, there is still a gap. More and more fierce competition in the valve market, some ordinary valve products market has been saturated, oversupply, which makes small and medium enterprises increasingly difficult to develop. And even high-tech products in the international market competition is also very intense.

In the valve market in China, has been able to provide heating valve, environmental protection valve, construction valve, etc., more varieties.