Successful closing of seminar on fermentation engineering technology and equipment

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12 years in May 24th in the beautiful Luoshan, the beautiful coast of Wenzhou Longwan, held a "new fermentation engineering technology and equipment seminar and the national (863) after 2 days the latest achievements in Applied Technology Forum", the closing of 25 victory.

This meeting by the National Center for chemical engineering design technology of National Chemical Engineering Technology Research Center, sponsored by the station mixing technology committee of experts; Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., Ltd. Zhejiang the Great Wall reducer; Shanghai Guoqiang Biochemical Engineering Equipment Co. Ltd., Shanghai filter group Shanghai sai'ao separation technology company limited. Pay more attention to Wenzhou City, Longwan District, Lucheng district leaders. Wenzhou science and Technology Secretary Xu Shundong at the meeting and spoke; vice mayor Cui Lijin Longwan district Party committee, delivered a welcome speech to the general assembly; Lucheng District People's Congress deputy director Lin Ruirong attends the meeting and spoke; our general manager Comrade Tu Zhijin on behalf of contractor message of congratulation to the general assembly unit. During the meeting, the Longwan district Party committee secretary Chen Lingling, district standing committee, vice mayor Chen Dong, district CPPCC Chairman Xu Guoxin and other leaders visited the experts and representatives.

There were more than 200 participants in the seminar, including 23 experts from all parts of the country, universities, manufacturers and senior engineers who made academic exchanges at the meeting. East China University of Science and Technology professor Zhang Siliang made a speech entitled "fermentation process optimization and amplification of the latest progress of" speech; China vice president, Professor of Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute Chen Daijie entitled "the status of antibiotics as waste treatment and Countermeasures" speech; China professor of Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute Wang Zhang made a speech entitled "biological fermentation the project" 12th Five-Year "policy and the prospect of" speech; Tianjin University of Science and Technology professor Chen Ning made a speech entitled "trend of development status and existing problems of Chinese amino acid industry" speech; Professor of the Great Wall in Zhejiang reducer Co., Ltd. engineering Comrade Zhou Guozhong made a speech entitled "stirred technology" speech; Jiangnan University Professor Zhan Xiaobei for "the fermentation production of food additives and microbial polysaccharides industrialization" speech.

Our company chief engineer, professor level senior engineer Comrade Ye Ying made a speech entitled "the selection and application of" sampling valve and special valve in biochemical fermentation in the speech, I introduced in recent years the company developed new products "antibiotics valve" for a centrifugal pump combination valve "sampling valve" etc. Products in the fermentation process and the performance characteristics of product application. Participating experts and application manufacturers, the latest development of our company "third generation anti valve" very interested, after the meeting have found the chief engineer leaves for advice and discussion.

25 PM to fulfill the final agenda of the meeting, visit the contractors. The first visit is my company, leaders and technical personnel into the product exhibition hall, exhibition hall was immediately attracted to the new products one by one in the domestic manufacturers of other ones, especially the "third generation anti leaf valve, chief engineer for focusing on engineering and technical personnel, surrounded by side came, novel design unique, simple operation features and can replace expensive diaphragm valve, so that the engineering and technical personnel to visit the praise. After the visit, leaders and engineering technicians are very satisfied with our enterprises. We believe that our enterprises are small, but the management is in place, and the whole enterprise is permeated with the breath of scientific and technological innovation.

The seminar is to achieve the desired results, set up a technology exchange, docking industry, production and research cooperation platform for scientific researchers and business circles, and to communicate information, exchange feelings, enhance friendship and create a good opportunity, but also will promote the development of new technology and equipment of fermentation engineering in china!

The symposium was successfully convened!

The grand conference All seats are occupied.

Zhejiang the Great Wall reducer Co., Ltd. chairman Yu Peiqing at the opening ceremony of the seminar presided over the meeting

Welcome to Comrade Tu Zhijin, general manager of the company

Comrade Zhang Siliang, a professor at East China University of Science and Technology, made a speech at the seminar

Comrade Zhan Xiaobei, a professor at Jiangnan University, made a speech at the seminar

Comrade Zhou Guozhong, a professor and senior engineer of Zhejiang the Great Wall speed reducer Co., spoke at the seminar

Comrade Ye Ying, chief engineer of the company and professor of engineering, spoke at the seminar

Reporters were interviewed during the conference break

Engineers and technicians visited our company

The chief engineer of the company introduces the new product

The engineers and technicians are very interested in our new product

The general manager and deputy general manager of the company took part in a group photo with the participants
(left) Company general manager Wang Zhongliang (left two), vice president of North China Pharmaceutical Group Liu Guitong
(left, three) Tu Zhijin, general manager of the company (right two), vice general manager of Northeast Pharmaceutical Group, Xie Zhanwu
(right) deputy director Gao Jianjun of North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation

The general manager of the company took part in a group photo with the participants
(left) Sichuan Institute of antibiotics director Zhao Wenjie (left two) general manager of the company Tu Zhijin

The conference delegates took pictures together