Industrial biochemical valve technology and equipment forum and the second "Jin Xin" new product technology exchange held

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In December 18th, the industrial biochemical valve technology and equipment forum and the second "Jin Xin" new product technology exchange meeting was held at the Yao River The Dynasty Hotel in Wenzhou. This conference is sponsored by national chemical engineering design and technology center station. Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., Ltd is responsible for the co operation with Zhejiang the Great Wall reducer Co., ltd.. The person in charge of technical personnel and medicine, Harbin pharmaceutical, Northeast Pharmaceutical, Huadong pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and more than 20 domestic well-known enterprises, a total of nearly 50 people attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co. Ltd. chairman Tu Zhijin first published ebullience speech of welcome, then state Biochemical Engineering Technology Research Center Director, Professor of East China University of Science and Technology, doctoral tutor Zhang Siliang made "fermentation technology progress" academic report, Professor, doctoral tutor of Jiangnan University Zhan Xiaobei made "high technology" polysaccharide fermentation the viscosity of microbial academic report, deputy director of the technical committee Chinese amino acid fermentation industry association Chinese amino acid technology service center 

technical director, Tianjin University of Science and Technology professor and doctoral tutor Chen Ning made "technology status and development trend of" amino acids outside the domestic academic report, the national chemical engineering technology center of mixing technology expert committee chairman and vice secretary general manager of Zhejiang the Great Wall reducer Co. Ltd Zhou Guozhongbo Scholar has made the academic report of "mixing technology and practice in industrial biological process". Representatives and experts at the meeting exchanged and communicated with each other, and the meeting achieved good results.

Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., Ltd. chief engineer Ye Ying at the meeting on the company's R & D of four new products were introduced, by the experts fully affirmed. Experts and scholars conducted in-depth technical exchanges of four new products in Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., agreed that the new product innovation in technology, products of similar products in the domestic leading level, and has a wide range of applications and market prospects. In the industry of Zhejiang province is the identification of new products at the subsequent meeting, professor and doctoral tutor of Lanzhou University of Technology Du Zhaonian expert group listened to the technical work of Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., summary, product testing, novelty search report, review the relevant technical documents, check the prototype. After rigorous technical discussions, four new products have been successfully passed.

Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., Ltd. integrates R & D, production and sales. It is the standard of biochemical valve for national chemical industry. The company is engaged in the valve industry has more than 20 years of history, is a professional manufacture of antibiotics valve leading enterprises, China Fermentation Industry Association member units, high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise. In recent years, the company focus on technological innovation, focusing on the design of biology, pharmaceutical and other fields of fermentation and production of no leakage, no dead angle, easy disinfection, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other special requirements of the valve series, has more than 20 national patent technology.