Work plan of our Association for science and technology

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According to the overall objective of the enterprise and the characteristics of the science and Technology Association of science and technology, the work plan of Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., Ltd. from October 2010 to December 2011 is specially formulated.

One,a guiding ideology: the important thought of the "Three Represents" as the guide, to cultivate the consciousness of science and technology, strengthen the association of ideas, encourage technological innovation, promote scientific and technological achievements, promote the culture of science and technology, scientific and technical personnel to create active atmosphere, "for the purpose, to the popularization of science and technology as the foundation, science and technology development center, technical service as the direction to guide the scientific and technical personnel, and actively participate in the activities of science and technology, science and technology workers to further enhance the awareness of innovation, make efforts for the overall goal of our company.

Two, the realization of methods and steps:

(1) strengthening the team and system construction of the Association for science and technology, so as to enhance the cohesion of the Association for science and technology

1., the convening of the founding conference of science and technology: time is scheduled for 2010 November. Content: read the establishment document of Enterprise Association, report on the work of Enterprise Association, and work plan of Enterprise Association for science and technology.

2. establish rules and regulations: the time will be in 2010 December. Contents: 1. The committee system of the Association for science and technology; the system of work of the 2 Chairman; the work system of the 3 vice chairman; and 4, the work system of the Secretary general.

3., improve the organization of the Association for science and technology: time is scheduled for 2011 January. Arranging the internal members of the association. According to the division of labor, clear their respective job responsibilities and scope of work, targeted to carry out their respective work.

(two) do a good job of propaganda and service, and improve the influence of the association in the vast number of workers and staff members.

Using the company network system, blackboard, tabloid publicity for the importance of the establishment of the association to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness. More and more employees are involved in the work of the Association for scientific research. The time is fixed in 2011 February. Contents: the articles of association of the company, the important role of the association of science and technology in the enterprise, the professional ethics of the scientific and technical workers, etc..

(three) assist enterprise leaders in Ideological and political work of scientific and technical personnel.

Use various ways to communicate with the scientific and technological workers, understand their aspirations and the requirements of the enterprise, and reflect their practical difficulties with the CEOs of enterprises to help them solve practical problems. 1, talk to the scientific and technological workers more frequently, grasp the ideological trends of scientific and technological work; 2, hold the Symposium on science and technology workers. The time will be decided in 2011 and March. There are many aspects of discussion, work, life and study.

(four) to carry out regular popular science activities and further education and technical training of enterprises.

Popularizing scientific and technological knowledge, advocating scientific methods, disseminating scientific ideas, carrying forward the scientific spirit, popularizing advanced technology and improving the technical level of scientific and technological personnel are an important task of our Association for science and technology. 1 according to the needs of the work of scientific and technical personnel will transport to universities or specialized agencies for further study on their professional knowledge and education, it is a perennial work, need to find opportunities, and therefore can not determine the time; 2 in accordance with the company's annual training plan for technical personnel to conduct a post training time can be arranged according to the production situation.

(five) combined with the actual valve technology to carry out one person one plan, for enterprises to offer activities.

Carry out innovative activities, so that the activities and valve professional closely linked. The company intends to cast in 2011 7-8 months, around the production and operation of enterprises, technological innovation organization and technical personnel to carry out a plan, to all activities, through the activities to mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel, mining enterprises technical potential, with more new products suitable.

(six) to carry out various friendly activities and activate the cultural life of scientific and technological personnel.

To assist the company leaders to carry out a variety of friendly activities, and enhance the affinity of enterprises, so that enterprises up and down a harmonious atmosphere. Is scheduled for 2011 December to carry out a party technical personnel of enterprises, creating a mutual understanding, mutual communication opportunities for company technical personnel, make them more love and peace of mind in enterprise business, better services for enterprises.

Give full play to democracy, the members of the association, the association to better service, and strive to improve the quality of cadres Association, strengthen association affinity, make and present under the harmonious atmosphere, "bold innovation, the courage to open up" to improve the level of activities association.

(seven) complete the tasks assigned by the company leaders and the higher authorities

The company is a mass organization under the leadership of the company, the party and the government and the Longwan Association for science and technology. It is the most fundamental duty to do well in the economic construction of enterprises and to serve the economic construction of enterprises. To this end, we should encourage enterprise technical personnel, strengthen business learning, and strive to complete the leadership of the company gave me all the tasks. All the work given by the Longwan Association for science and technology should be well completed. Only in this way can we do better in our Association for science and technology. For the economic construction of enterprises to make greater contributions!

Wenzhou Jin Xin biochemical Valve Co., Ltd.

November 6, 2010