The Symposium on special equipment went well

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In October 12, 2010, the State Bureau of quality supervision of Zhejiang province hosted the Symposium on special equipment in Yongjia". Attend the meeting have: the State Administration of quality supervision of special equipment management office director Tong Changzheng; Zhejiang special equipment management office director Tan Minhua; Zhejiang Institute of special equipment inspection engineer director Chen Yong and Gu Shanle. My company mister Tu Zhijin on behalf of Longwan valve enterprises participated in the forum. At the meeting, the valve enterprises in the licensing, certification, the implementation of the problems and difficulties, have to speak. My company mister Tu Zhijin comrades in accordance with their own years of experience in valve work, and his contacts counterparts to understand the situation, made four aspects of the speech. First, special equipment certification involves the age of engineering and technical personnel; two is the infringement of high-quality products; three is...... These problems are reasonable, objective and practical. They are highly regarded by the leaders of the state and the Zhejiang Province, and some of them have been voted on the spot. Some problems need further negotiation.

The symposium went well and it was a success. To attend the meeting of the business operators greatly encouraged, believe that through the special equipment supervision departments and the joint efforts of enterprises, our valve business will be better in the premise of ensuring product quality.