My company's two standards passed through expert appraisal will be reviewed

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In March 14, 2010 by the "new product R & D with three way check and centrifugal pump combination valve" and "hemisphere cut-off, check, plunger type sampling valves" held in the conference room of the company "enterprise standard expert appraisal", the meeting passed the examination.

This appraisal will have well-known experts and professors from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Wenzhou, and the leaders from the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Longwan district. Meeting first by the chief engineer Ye Ying comrades of the two new products were introduced in details, experts and professors have listened carefully to the introduction, carefully review the contents of the standard, and put forward the relevant chapters in question. Finally, through the reply and serious discussion, agreed that: "two new product design in the appraisal of the novel and unique, has very high practical value and broad market prospect. The language of the two standards is fluent and coherent, and conforms to the requirements of design and standards".

The convening of the new product standards accreditation meeting is a microcosm of scientific and technological progress in the enterprise. There are so many leaders and experts to the company of science and technology product review pulse, is a major event in the history of science and technology company, is a rare opportunity to learn, the company will be the appraisal as an opportunity to build a "production, learning and research integration development platform, to develop more and better science and technology products, to achieve a new leap in the company.