Professor Zhan Xiaobei to the company to purchase products and guidance

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Famous bio-fermentation technology expert Professor Zhan Xiaobei to my company to guide the technology and procurement of a number of companies have just developed new products. Professor Zhan Xiaobei at the College of Biotechnology, Jiangnan University to undertake teaching and research and development work, as the Department of Biochemical Engineering, biochemical engineering and reactor research room, responsible for the National Natural Science Foundation, the Provincial Natural Science Foundation and the provincial international cooperation plan And a number of studies, the establishment of the more well-known domestic polysaccharide laboratory. Each year to guide 3-5 graduate students, doctoral students engaged in research, at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation.

Anhui Longjin Group Zhong boss and director Han to accompany to come to discuss with the company's greater cooperation.The company's latest research and development of the two new products, and finally got Professor Zhan Xiaobei's recognition, and have the first considerable sales orders. Professor Zhan certainly my company developed new products and earnestly said to us, to do the product is necessary to do the world's cutting-edge products, high value-added products, do the industry leader.